Sunday, November 2, 2008

Boudoir: Not just for Brides!

I love giving a gift that keeps on giving. Donna decided to get a unique gift together for her husband. She booked a boudoir session with me last month & what an amazing woman! Donna is a rockstar. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. I loved getting to know her while getting her these sexy & classy shots for her hubby...of SEVEN years!!! Yes, instead of a gift the day of the wedding, his is an anniversary gift, some may consider 7 years late. After 3 kids (yup, I said it) she is now in the best shape she's been in since the big day, so what better time than now?
I thought I'd put a little collage together of some of my favorites from the session...

I wanted to post this unique session to encourage brides to stay and eat healthy. The stress of planning can put a toll on your health and your looks. Some brides go to extreme limits to lose those extra pounds (or those extra ounces!). Take care of yourself. Don't fret if you're not your exact "ideal" weight by your wedding day. You have the rest of your life to spend with your hubby, he's marrying you & he loves you just the way you are.


  1. these are beautiful, just out of curiosity can you ask her the lingerie she wore. They are exquisite demure, tasty yet sexy. Thanks in advance. Angie

  2. Lingerie -
    ALL - Agent Provacateur - South Coast Plaza Bloomingdale's Costa Mesa
    Lingerie -
    Tan & Red - La Perla - South Coast Plaza La Perla Costa Mesa


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