Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Omari & Lara: Australia Wedding!

If you've been following my blog, I think you might remember the post I made a couple months ago regarding the trip Paul and I took to Melbourne & Sydney Australia! This was one of the greatest & most challenging experiences of our lives. Traveling 15 hours doesn't do you justice when you need to prepare for a wedding! Definitely not complaining, we will gladly do it again ANY day! We just made a pact that if we're going that far, we're staying longer! ;)

We arrived in Melbourne to spend some time with my sister & her family, then took off to Sydney a few days later to join the wonderful Lara & Omari for their wedding day in Manly! We cannot thank them enough for this opportunity & hope we blessed them just as much with our work as they have blessed us! Here's a few of my favorites from their big day...

Omari & Lara Married on September 27th!
Amazing location: Manly, Australia - Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel
(aka: the castle on the hill or "the place Nicole Kidman got married")

Enjoy their wedding day slideshow: CLICK HERE

I LOVE getting these emails shortly after I send the slideshow to my wonderful brides...

Lara wrote:

OMG!!!! they are truly amazing.... Kristi I have to say you truly are gifted!!! I am blown away!! thank you. I just shared the blog with 2 friends and they both said that these are the best photos she has very seen of a wedding :) thought I would share. There are 2 folks I know that looking to get married will send on the link to our wedding!!
again thank you!!

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