Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sharon & Vincent: Wedding Day at Turnip Rose!

oh grams...adorable.

Love love love the front gate, architecture & interior of Turnip Rose, so much to work with...

I think Vincent had to prove he was man enough to handle Sharon, so he did a few push-ups with her on his back ;)

I thought it was super cute when I caught Vince playing with his new band towards the end of the night :)
A special thanks to April Smith, Efren & Paul for assisting me and making these images possible!
There's a few more images I'd love to share with you, View SLIDESHOW!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heather & Joe: Engagement Shoot

They were absolutely adorable. Joe could make Heather crack up at any moment, they are head over heels for eachother and it showed in every shot, thanks for making my job so easy guys! ;)

These two are getting married at the Fess Parker Hotel in Santa Barbara this September, can't wait, it will be beautiful!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jason & Caryn's Wedding: Seven-Degrees


The room itself is always a piece of art with the special lighting by seven-degrees....
Caryn & Jason's Wedding Day!
March 28th, 2009
Laguna Beach, CA
Hair/Makeup: Denise Empey
Ok, this is literally the longest slideshow I have ever made but definitely one of my favorites - I wanted to share as much of this beautiful day as possible with everyone, please take the time to watch the moments and you'll have to be patient on the slideshow as it has to load 180 pictures - WHAT!? yes....well, ENJOY! ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ralph & Jenise: Miami, Florida

I believe that the people who choose us to be a part of their lives by documenting their wedding day, are all brought to us for a reason. This wedding was just one wonderful circumstance.

We are so fortunate to have booked Jenise & Ralph on this destination wedding in Miami, Florida. Not only did we get to meet this wonderful couple, enjoy seeing Miami for the first time, & share their special day with them, but the time there also also allowed us to begin the planning for OUR special day! Paul and I found our wedding venue while we were there and just booked it this past week for April 8th, 2010 (more details to come :)) - WOOHOO!!!

As for now enjoy a few of my favorite pics from their wedding day...

Jenise & Ralph are both ecologists, Ralph works with snakes and frogs & Jenise with mud and wetlands, the setting of Jungle Island fit them perfectly. Not to mention the flamingos, monkeys, lemurs, and reptiles for the guests to see. My favorite was Hank - the 35 year old, 20 foot long, 2000 lb. Saltwater/Siamese crocodile, the largest crocodilian in the Western hemisphere!

And while Miami remains unpredictable with the weather, the rain of the day moved their wedding indoors, Jenise held it all together so well and instead of shunning the rain, she embraced it...a beautiful woman...

Destination Wedding: Miami, Florida, sounds good to me...have you ever seen water so clear!? LOVE IT! Can't wait to go back soon!

Trash the Dress photos coming soon! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anthony & Jenny: Engagement Shoot in Beverly Hills!

Duane Peck is photographing Anthony & Jenny's wedding this October, but I was lucky enough to tag along on their engagement shoot yesterday, thanks guys! Through the sunshine and the rain...and lots of rain...we got some great shots. We began at Greystone Mansion , one of my new FAVORITE places to shoot!

After Greystone, we headed down to Rodeo drive for some urban shots. Jenny had her eyes on this dress & some jewelry while window shopping ;)

So, I get a text before the end of the shoot, from my best friend, Jamie, that said, "hurry, come over, I have to show you something!" & to my surprise, she showed me her brand new ring, Ben & her just got engaged!!! Congratulations you two, I was so happy to share in the excitement within the hour after she said "yes"!

I am so excited to have a friend to share ideas with & plan our weddings together! This is one wedding I'll be attending instead of photographing! Can't wait loves!!! :)