Sunday, August 2, 2009

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Underwater Trash the Dress! one of my destination brides that are getting married in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, are almost guaranteed to take a trip to Bucerias! This is our favorite little town about 30 minutes north of "el centro". Awesome culture, market, people & food!

Andi & Reggie were married in Las Caletas, a beautiful private beach (check out the previous post), then decided to dress up the next day & head to Bucerias to take a few more pics. They knew from the beginning that they wanted to jump in the ocean, I brought my underwater gear & we ended the session in the pool & headed to the ocean for sunset! It was a challenge, but SO much fun, check it out...

I LOVE miriachi's!!!

These photos along with the underwater photos were taken with my new Canon G10 and the underwater's pretty sweet...

Check out more underwater pics here: Trash the Dress SLIDESHOW!
Watch their video & enjoy the live mariachi band on the Blue Sky Videos website, under Gallery, then Bridal/Day After!

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  1. Wow!!! That blue photo coming out of the ocean is incredible. Great job!


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