Thursday, February 26, 2009

Steven & Gina: Wedding Day in Mexico!

Steven & Gina invited me out to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to share their special day with them! Paul and I had such a great time there - always do! It's becoming our 2nd home and we are becoming quite familiar with the area and locations to shoot. We are honored to work besides the amazing ladies, Kristin and Michelle of The Dazzling Details whom always make the scene absolutely breathtaking!

...we see such unique beauty all over Mexico, during the shot below the locals were yelling at us not to shoot there because they thought it was "no bonito" (not so pretty) - we thought just the opposite, and actually spent most of our time here doing the romantic shots... :)

Steven & Gina's Wedding Day Slideshow here!

We definitely try to take full advantage of the scenery with destination weddings, almost all our couples are up for the "Trash the Dress" or "Day After" session after their busy wedding week. This allows us to really get the creative & edgy shots we may not have been able to get on the wedding day.

First, we explored around downtown Puerto Vallarta and then headed to the beach!

To view more pics from the Day After Session: CLICK HERE!


  1. Beautiful photographs of their wedding!!!!

  2. lol it's so funny how some people have different opinions about what pretty is. When I shot my first wedding a week ago, one of the bridesmaids was worried about the background and not being so pretty. I actually love shooting in grungy places. It makes up for a challenge! Beautiful photos btw, I always love your work :)


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