Monday, December 15, 2008

Dave & Michelle: Wedding Day!

I LOVE when I meet a couple who has so many ideas and so much creativity put into their special day and the days leading up to it. From the start Michelle and Dave were so creative and so sweet, I knew we would be a successful team. One thing I thought was absolutely amazing was their story, how they met on, they are obviously made for eachother, perfect soulmates, it amazes me how I've seen and had the privilege to capture just a glimpse of this story unfold. From the meeting at Panera, to the "secret" boudoir session, to the adventurous, blazing hot trip to Salton Sea, all the way til their wedding day...I've had the pleasure of working with and enjoyed every minute with these two amazing individuals.

Thank you guys for your friendship, your generosity, your trust.
I can't wait to capture more of the wonderful events happening in the years to come! :)

Dave & Michelle's Wedding Day!
October 11th, 2008
Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club - Mission Viejo, CA

Check out more pics from their BEAUTIFUL wedding day...
CLICK HERE for slideshow!
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I had to share Michelle's response moments after emailing the slideshow...

Okay, seriously Kristi???? I'm crying over here!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for capturing our wedding day with so much emotion and beauty!! Those photos are truly amazing! I'm even more in love with you now that I was before! :) True to your word, you did this slide show on the 15th and I love you for it! I can't even describe what I'm feeling right now...two months from the wedding, the memories start to get a bit hazy, and to have them brought back in so much color and Thank you for your hard work...and please thank Juan too! The best thing we ever did for our wedding was to meet you at that Panera Bakery and then sign the contract! ;-) Ha! ! Okay, thank you for making my dreary rainy Monday so bright!!


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