Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lara & Teo's Unique Los Angeles Wedding!

This is probably my longest blog post of all time! Well, Lara and Teo definitely deserve it! They are one of my fabulous couples who planned their day out throughly and added in their own personalities and unique style into the wedding day!

Take a look, I'm sure the details will inspire you, they have been an inspiration to me for sure...they broke almost every traditional wedding "rule" and I LOVED it!

Walking into their ceremony together...

Lara and Teo were not shy to speak out at their own wedding, with Teo's brother as the officiant, they welcomed family and guests and shared their own written vows...

The couple shared their "first skee-ball game" together, replacing a traditional first dance...

...and they shared another...

...until Lara won!!!

One of my favorite "rule-breakers" was the GIANT fortune cookies to replace the cake!!! The best part is that Lara and Teo were able to write their own fortunes, and instead wrote them for eachother, SO great!

Coordinator/Florist: Megan Pearson of LA Partie Events

Check out more images in their wedding day slideshow, click HERE!

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  1. i really love how personalized this wedding was. you did such an awesome job. they look so in love and so very happy. :)


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