Saturday, September 12, 2009

Landon: 8 months!

I am so excited, it has finally come to the point in my business where my past brides
are taking the next big step in their lives, beginning a family!!!
When Robyn & Jeremy called me to get the first photos with them and their 8 mo. old son, Landon, I was so anxious to reunite with them after 2 years and meet the new little addition! It was so exciting to be such a special part of their lives by documenting their wedding day, I am now honored to be able to capture the bond they share as a family.
FIRST time exploring sand, he LOVED it and did so well NOT eating it! :)
Some of my favorite portraits of Robyn from their wedding day back in November of '07!


  1. Those are beautiful. Your pictures of my grandson could not be better. He is just as fantastic in person and you definitely caught his personality in the shots you took. Great job! We loved your pics from the wedding and are so glad you took the family shots. How nice it is to grow with your clients. That goes to show how special YOU are too.

  2. Oh my gosh are those cute!!! What a fun family!


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