Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My brother's wedding! :)

Paul and I have traveled a lot more than expected the last few months for destination weddings, but this one is one that I've been looking forward to for quite a while and I have good reason, it's my brother's wedding!!! Though it was one of my biggest challenges, it was well worth it. A few days before the wedding, I got together with Jen & Cory to do a quick engagement session for the "practice run" for the big day. It was so great getting to know Jen, his wifey-to-be!

I got home from the shoot and many of the images brought tears to my eyes, I haven't seen my brother this happy in such a long time. I feel honored to have captured this part of his life and the beginning of a great journey forward. He has been through more challenges than some have experienced in a lifetime, but as my previous blog post says, "everything happens for a reason", and even though it's taken him 34 years to find the love of his life, I think he & Jen can agree that it was worth the wait!

It was so wonderful to spend the past two weeks with family in Michigan & helping prepare for the big day. My sister, her hubby and their newborn (6 weeks), & 3 year old traveled all the way from Melbourne, Australia to join the fun...here's Ethan and me, the proud Auntie "T"!

...family came down from up north and we had such a beautiful day out at the lake for their wedding. Here is one of my favorite moments which reveals just how much Cory adores Jen...

My good friend Janelle just started photography and brought her brand new Nikon D90 to show off - she took some awesome shots, here's just one of my favs of the two in a junkyard. Gotta love it! Thanks Janelle!!! :)

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  1. Love the pics! So glad I got to be a part of Cory and Jen's special day!


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