Monday, June 15, 2009

Ralph & Jenise: Miami, Florida

I believe that the people who choose us to be a part of their lives by documenting their wedding day, are all brought to us for a reason. This wedding was just one wonderful circumstance.

We are so fortunate to have booked Jenise & Ralph on this destination wedding in Miami, Florida. Not only did we get to meet this wonderful couple, enjoy seeing Miami for the first time, & share their special day with them, but the time there also also allowed us to begin the planning for OUR special day! Paul and I found our wedding venue while we were there and just booked it this past week for April 8th, 2010 (more details to come :)) - WOOHOO!!!

As for now enjoy a few of my favorite pics from their wedding day...

Jenise & Ralph are both ecologists, Ralph works with snakes and frogs & Jenise with mud and wetlands, the setting of Jungle Island fit them perfectly. Not to mention the flamingos, monkeys, lemurs, and reptiles for the guests to see. My favorite was Hank - the 35 year old, 20 foot long, 2000 lb. Saltwater/Siamese crocodile, the largest crocodilian in the Western hemisphere!

And while Miami remains unpredictable with the weather, the rain of the day moved their wedding indoors, Jenise held it all together so well and instead of shunning the rain, she embraced it...a beautiful woman...

Destination Wedding: Miami, Florida, sounds good to me...have you ever seen water so clear!? LOVE IT! Can't wait to go back soon!

Trash the Dress photos coming soon! :)


  1. aww congrats! It must have been a huge sigh of relief to have finally found your perfect wedding location :) Thanks for gracing my computer this morning with some beautiful images :)

  2. congrats on finding your venue! gorgeous pictures!!! i absolutely love the 2nd image! gorgeous bride.


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