Thursday, March 26, 2009

International Wedding Image Competition Winner!

Kristi Klemens: Third Place, Portrait

Website: KLK Photography

Blog: KLK Photography Blog

Country: United States

About The Shot:
I knew Hanna wanted anything BUT traditional portraits for her wedding day. After the ceremony, we headed over to the Viceroy Hotel. With the short 20 minutes we had, we took advantage of every background and every little corner. We were exiting a banquet room and this light coming in from the doorway just spoke to me and dragged me right to it. I did some of my best bride and groom portraits in this plain and narrow hallway. I wanted to really capture the intensity and uniqueness of Hanna’s dress, along with her beauty.

Judge's Comments:
The interlay of light and shadow is sublime in this image. The perspective makes her look taller and longer than what she is in real life and it is a complimentary angle for this particular subject. I love that blown out doorway and the way the light wraps her body, yet the detail remains. And, while I’m normally not a fan of the tilt, I think it works in this case. The black and white processing is also very complimentary to the image.

Thanks to our judges, Rachel LaCour Niesen, Cliff Mautner, Jennifer Bebb and Zack Arias for giving us their time and expertise in the judging process.

I am also honored to be placed 17th and 19th in the "Getting Ready" Category with these images...

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  1. Michelle ComstockMarch 26, 2009 at 8:43 PM

    Awesome job, woman! You continue to rock! :) Congrats!

  2. wow! congratulations kristi! that's awesome!


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