Wednesday, September 3, 2008


"I am starting to believe that there is no such thing as tragedy. There is only opportunity for growth, and should you accept it, the reward overcomes the sailing of the hardship."

This is one story, one tragedy, which influenced my life today. It made me think, want to change, and thank God for all the opportunities & the life he's blessed me with. I thought I'd share this story of a family who needs prayer & support. (Click the button above to help)

Each trial that is sent my way, I will continue to grow & strive to become a better & stronger person. I want to be the sunshine in people's life. I want to start a smile that will be passed on to another continent. I want to bring peace.

I will stay positive. I will share my gifts. I will uphold my health. I will respect others. I will live. I will love.

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