Sunday, February 10, 2008

God is Amazing.

Tonight I went to Free Chapel ( An incredible new church in the Irvine area that just started about 6 months ago, so this was my first time attending. Within the first few moments, I was all ready feeling at home and if i've been there before. It reminded me of all of my favorite things from each church I've ever went to, all bundled up into one.

God is Amazing. One of the most amazing feelings is just walking into a room and feeling God's presence. While listening to the words of the first song and watching people shout out and raise their hands to praise God, I felt shivers come up from my toes to the top of my head. It's so overwhelming and emotional when you accept it that tears just start to fall as you surrender to God, knowing this is just what you've needed. To be with Him, to worship Him, to be loved by Him and give Him praise.

Tonight's word was spoken by Pastor Jentezen Franklin. He shared with us how in today's society a father's role is SO important. He started with unbelievable statistics on how children that come from fatherless homes are a huge percentage of the rapists, high school dropouts, homeless and drugatics today. He stated that 88% of the people in the Texas State Penetentry grew up in fatherless homes. This shows right here the positive or negetive effect a father can have on a family. "Fight for your family, fight for your kids, fight for your marriage. Where you are right now, you have the choice to either bless your home or curse your home".

One of the most important lessons I was reminded of is to keep God first, Family second then Career third. This is one of my biggest goals this year and something I continue to challenge myself with everyday. I know that God can bless you beyond measure. He is amazing.

Bless your home.

I am so blessed to have had and have the opportunities I share with you and your families. You all have been so supportive and I have met some amazing couples, individuals and families along the way and hope to continue to be a part of your life. This Gift of photography is truly a blessing from God and I could not be more grateful. Thank the Lord and thank you all!!! :)

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"
- Joshua 24:15


  1. Kristi,

    God is awesome! Thank you for sharing this story. I can relate with you in the way you feel when you walk into a church and can feel the presence of's amazing! You truly have been blessed with the gift of photography!

    Kirsten Ellis

  2. Hi Kristi,

    My name is Iana and I'm from Brazil. I can't tell how I got your blog, because I have no idea (actually I think I was looking for photographer's blogs and yours just pumped out!). Anyways...

    I just want to tell you how you have blessed my life through your words. I was looking for nice pictures and found so much more.

    God bless you, such as your sweet gift.

    Greetings from Brazil. ;)


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